The travelling page!

Welcome to the travelling page. This whole page is dedicated to travelling. It has pictures of me and some other information. I have been to Queenstown, Singapore, Los Angles (LA), India, Australia, San Francisco, Tahiti and Thailand. And I think that I have been to other places except I just don't remember. Below are some pictures of Queenstown.

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Places I want to visit!

I have always wanted to visit Hawaii, New York and Dubai. I would really like to visit Hawaii because I just want to have some chill time, splash around in the water, go site-seeing and shopping. New York is another city I would like to go and visit. That is because I would like to see what it would be like in such a chaotic city and again GO SHOPPING!! Ever since I was little I have wanted to go to Dubai. I want to go there because there is a whole other culture that I have not yet explored. If I go to Dubai I would love to visit every single tourist site. Below are some pictures of Hawaii, New York and Dubai.